We are so happy to be making things that celebrate our Norwegian heritage and allow us be creative. We can't thank all of you enough for supporting our small business.

Our UFFDA Stocking Hats are made in MN with a custom Velma Kin design.

Uffda! A common Norwegian expression for compassion, empathy, or annoyance in the simple nuances of everyday life.

"Velkommen" means "Welcome" in Norwegian.

One of our first prints we ever made! Hand-carved lino blocks, inked and stamped onto paper.

Grandpa Al and Grandma Velma on their wedding day.

Grandma Velma, our mom, and Hanna and Mary. Grandma made us girls (and herself!) matching dresses growing up.

Our Grandma Velma, our mom Sonia, and Hanna as a baby.

A modern, brush lettering style of the Norwegian table blessing.

You Betcha! Although we grew up in Montana, our ranch fence line makes up part of the North Dakota border, so we're not immune to speaking like a NoDak every now and again.

A Norwegian table blessing.

Mary and Hanna rode horse everyday growing up, as well as tending our herd of sheep and the very important job of naming all the barn kitties.

Our Uffda banners are entirely hand-made. Each felt letter is sewn on and cut by Hanna.

We had an embroidery of this in our house, as did our Grandma Velma. This modern floral design was inspired by vintage Scandinavian embroideries.

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